I'll be there in two.
Heya! My name's Isaiah Porter, and please, call me Isaiah. Mr. Porter makes me feel old, and that's my dad's title. So, yeah, please do that. I'm a photographer for some fashion houses and my work has been in a few magazines, and if you're a model, I'm free to do a photoshoot at any time. Well, not really guaranteed, but we'll see, we'll see. If you need a friend or someone to talk to, just hit me up on my askbox, okay? :)

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bye bye. :)

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Pizza for dinner. Have to bring some over to Mason’s, though.

Pizza for dinner. Have to bring some over to Mason’s, though.

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Someone woke me up from my nap earlier than expected, so my eyes hurt.

That someone woke me up for tea, though, so it’s all good. What’s up, everyone? :)

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That’s also cause you’re the only one happy these days! I mean Matty’s… You know… Damien’s off doing who knows what. Mason’s acting weird, like really weird. Emma has gone travelling for a bit, Peter’s off in ‘i have a boyfriend’ land.

Day before? Do tell, something interesting happen to ya Iz?

Well, someone has to be happy around here! And.. well, that is a little troubling.

And uhm… well, I wouldn’t want to worry you. But I had to go out of town for about a day. Everything’s alright now, though. :)



Haha how did you guess? (;

A male model was so gropey on the shoot i just got off- ugh!

but how’s your morning been cutie?

Well, you basically rejoiced when I came up. :) And I’ve experienced that before, oddly enough. And… my morning’s been good. A little plain, compared to the day I had before, but it’s kinda ok.


Thank God somebody is alive, and somebody i like!

Hey Iz!

Hey, Ms. Cassie! Not a very good morning, I take it.

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Where have the times gone, baby it’s all wrong, where are the plans we made for two?" he sang quietly to himself, guitar slung on his back. He was already at Annie’s when he and Rosabella had a chat, so now he was walking to block to the upper east to the recording studio she directed him to. The streets were kind of empty, since it was already past 10 at night. He would’ve played a song, but his voice ran hoarse after a particularly grueling photoshoot.

It took a few minutes walk, until he reached the reception. He was a little surprised that someone was still at the desk, but they probably had a night shift. He walked up and said, “I’m here for a Ms. Rosabella Ducharme?” he asked with a grin.